26th Nov, 2018
An investor’s guide to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)
The best way to protect your money is to be a well-informed investor. Whether you already have a financial adviser or you invest on your own, it is highly advisable to study and research more about an... Read More
09th Oct, 2018
The Diversification into Private Equity Investments
Have you ever come across an individual product that you wished you could own a share of that company but only to find out it was held privately? Perhaps it has already been a part of your investment ... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
The Importance of Alternative Investments to Canadians
What Are Alternative Investments? Offering different values and rate of returns, alternative investments are complex non-traditional investment assets that do not fall under stocks, bonds, and cash. ... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
A Comprehensive Guide on How To Get A Mortgage In Canada
A mortgage is a legal agreement between a mortgage lender and mortgage borrower, where the former lends money to the latter at flexible terms. It has a cost determined using current industry rates. Ac... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
Mortgage Broker Vs. Bank: What Canadians Need To Know
Mortgage Broker Vs. Bank Mortgage brokers are real estate experts acting as middlemen for borrowers and investors. They arrange convenient house financing options for mortgage loan borrowers and supe... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
Everything You Need to Know About Investing in Mortgages
What is a Mortgage? A mortgage is a legal agreement between a lender who offers financial help with interest and a borrower who makes regular monthly fees. A real asset is used as collateral to secur... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
Is It Worth Investing in an MIC?
What is a MIC? A mortgage investment corporation (MIC) is an organization handling mortgage applications and investments in Canada. It offers secured shares of diversified and qualified mortgage plan... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
What is a MIC? And Why Should I Invest In One?
For the past few decades in Canada, the real estate business has been booming exponentially. As a matter of fact, according to a report released by Statistics Canada, at least a fifth of Canada's GDP ... Read More

25th Sep, 2018
Victoria Housing Market Review
Victoria is the capital of British Columbia and is a community of choice for many individuals. One of the many reasons is the economic opportunities the city provides. Consequently, its housing market... Read More
25th Sep, 2018
Vancouver Housing Market Review
Vancouver, the largest city in British Columbia, is one of the best places to live in Canada and, arguably, in the world. Unsurprisingly, the city of Vancouver has had exceptional growth over the year... Read More
25th Sep, 2018
Toronto Housing Market Review
Toronto, Canada’s financial capital, is considered to be an international center for business and finance, and its robust economy has positively driven the booming housing market. However, this city... Read More
25th Sep, 2018
Ottawa Housing Market Review
In Ottawa, the capital of Canada, the 2016 municipal census recorded that 254,470 residents have their own homes. More than 128,000 residents are renting, and almost 58,000 are opting to live in condo... Read More
25th Sep, 2018
Niagara Housing Market Review
The city of Niagara Falls, situated in the regional municipality of Niagara, southeastern Ontario in Canada, is currently experiencing a decline in housing sales performance due to higher sales prices... Read More
25th Sep, 2018
Kitchener / Waterloo / Cambridge Housing Market Review
Kitchener, and Waterloo and Cambridge (KWC), Southern Ontario’s Tri-City, is dubbed as “Canada’s Silicon Valley” for being the home of various information technology companies. But now, the th... Read More
25th Sep, 2018
Calgary Housing Market Review
Calgary, the third largest municipality in Canada, continues to be a competitive alternate to Toronto and Vancouver among real estate buyers and investors. Buyers are witnessing economic development i... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
Edmonton Housing Market: The 2018 Investor Research Report
Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, is experiencing improvements in its overall economic condition, which is expected to impact the city’s housing market in 2018. According to the municipal cen... Read More
24th Sep, 2018
Hamilton Housing Market Review
The housing market in the City of Hamilton, also known as the “Steel Capital of Canada,” is approaching vulnerable levels in 2018. This is fueled by price increases, overvaluation of properties, a... Read More
The Roles of Private Credit in an Investment Portfolio
The years following the financial crisis of 2008 have seen the rise of the private credit asset class. As a way to mitigate the ripple effects of the U.S. market crash, Canada enforced fiscal policies meant to stimulate the economy and restore its stability. On October ...
The Anatomy of a Great Real Estate Investment Fund
There are multiple drivers behind the performance and security of a fund. While collecting rent continues to be the primary source of revenue for REITs, they grow internally through occupancy, rent increases, tenant upgrades, and redevelopment of existing properties. RE...
10 Questions That Lead to the Right MIC
Mortgage Investment Corporations have come a long way since their inception in 1973. Now popular among investors for their well-balanced risk-and-return profiles, the Canadian MIC industry has attracted a growing number of companies who strive to put your hard earned ca...
What is an Accredited Investor in Canada?
In recent years, private markets have accelerated their growth curve despite the stringent rules limiting investment access to accredited investors or those individuals who meet the income and asset qualifications. An accredited investor has access to a wide network of...
The geography of MICs
Selecting the Right Mortgage Investment Corporation With the new mortgage rules, qualified borrowers are increasingly looking for alternative options to obtain the capital needed outside of the traditional lending channels. Whether it’s for purchasing their next home,...
What is an exempt market dealer?
These past few years, Canadians have been rethinking their investment decisions and placing more time into research and due diligence. At the same time, they seem too skeptical when it comes to getting an intermediary to assess their finances and investment growth. C...
Mortgage fund investing in Canada: A guide for investors
More and more investors are looking into mortgage investment funds. This is particularly true because the housing industry is one of the main drivers of Canada’s economy and has outperformed many other investment classes. Whether you are a new investor or have been...