Proven Track Record in the Industry

Our management team’s proven track record in the mortgage industry has led to CMI being one of the fastest growing mortgage companies in Canada. We pride ourselves in providing premium service through our entire group of Canadian Mortgages Inc., Canadian Lending Inc., and Canadian Servicing Inc.

Being in the business of private mortgage lending and having helped our investors place over 150 million in private mortgage issuance since inception, we wanted to provide our lending platform to investors in the form of a fund. CMI MIC Funds investor yields have substantially exceeded those produced by alternative fixed-income investments.

High-quality Mortgages

We have an extremely low default history, investing primarily in first mortgages secured by owner-occupied homes, residential building lots, and residential second mortgages. We facilitate mortgage loans that have already passed through multiple rounds of rigorous screening before qualifying them for CMI MIC Funds.

Company Background

Initially a mortgage lender, we have a thorough understanding of the mortgage underwriting process while having access to a proven channel of private mortgage opportunities. We manage every step involved in the lending process. We are not merely an investment fund, but we control every part of the process, from mortgage origination to the mortgage funding.

Driving CMI MIC Funds Success

Broad Portfolio Diversification

CMI MIC Funds investors own an interest in a large, diversified, professionally managed, growing pool of quality mortgages. Having access to multiple channels of mortgage origination, backed by a strong team of mortgage underwriters and advisors, we are able to source prime mortgage investment opportunities. This provides a consistent flow of lending opportunities.

Professional Management

CMI MIC Funds are managed by professionals, with substantial career experience in all facets of mortgage lending, real estate appraisal, banking and mortgage law, providing for an integrated end to end service. We are active in the mortgage market on a daily basis and have the expertise and knowledge to ensure that we negotiate the most favourable interest rates, fees, and other terms and conditions possible. Once a mortgage is advanced, we handle all facets of its administration as part of the loan portfolio.


While providing regular income to savvy investors, the type and quality of the mortgages in our portfolios are governed by strict requirements. As prescribed within the Income Tax Act, a MIC must distribute 100% of its annual net income to its shareholders in the form of a dividend, and a minimum of 50% of its capital must be invested in mortgages secured by residential property. You can rest assured knowing there is ongoing oversight by several regulatory bodies.

Calculate Your Return

Interested to see how much your initial investment could be worth in the future?
We have set up an option for you to select compound or simple interest as we offer a convenient Drip Program where your monthly dividends are reinvested to buy more shares in the fund (compound).
Our historical annual return averages between 8-9% and we have preset the default rate in the calculator to 9% Monthly cash dividend payments are tax-free.