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23 September 2021

CMI Financial Group places 178th on The Globe and Mail’s annual ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies

TORONTO, ON, September 24, 2021 – CMI Financial Group (CMI), Canada’s premier private mortgage lender, is pleased to announce it placed 178th on the 2021 Report on Business ranking of Canada’s Top Growing Companies, as published by The Globe and Mail. With a reputation for transparency and integrity, CMI provides borrowers with access to non-bank…

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22 September 2021
CMI State of the Market: Housing Markets Continue to Stabilize at the End of Summer

Canada’s housing market is in the midst of a healthy retracement following a record surge through the first quarter of 2021, as sales and listing activity continued to moderate through the summer. Home Sales Moderate for a Fifth Consecutive Month National home sales fell 0.5% in August, marking the fifth consecutive monthly decline, according to…

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18 August 2021
CMI State of the Market: Home Sales Continue to Normalize in July

Housing market activity in Canada continued to moderate in July, though underlying demand and sales activity were robust when compared with the historical average. Home builders reported a substantial increase in construction costs, which may contribute to rising house prices in the future. National Home Sales Moderate Further in July National home sales declined 3.5%…

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Why MICs Have a Place in Every Investment Portfolio
1 June 2021
Why MICs Have a Place in Every Investment Portfolio

In an era of record-low interest rates, market volatility and unprecedented fiscal and monetary intervention, investors need to think outside the box when constructing their portfolio. Within the US $10 trillion alternative asset market, private mortgages provide a viable alternative to conventional portfolios composed of stocks and bonds.  Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, are one…

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Canadian housing market
28 July 2021
CMI State of the Market: Canadian Housing Market Experiences Much Needed Restraint as Property Values Soar

Canada’s red-hot housing market showed further signs of stabilizing in June, as sales declined for a third consecutive month amid razor-thin inventories and rising prices. Despite posting consecutive declines, housing activity remains historically elevated, reflecting a strong post-Covid-19 recovery.  National Home Sales Decline in June On a month-over-month basis, national home sales declined by 8.4%…

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5 July 2021
Avoid the pitfalls of Investment Biases when considering Alternatives for your Portfolio

Research has shown us that investors are often compelled to act based on certain preconceived biases. These biases, whether conscious or not, skew their decision-making process in a way that could adversely affect their portfolio’s performance.  Anchoring is one such bias that has been flagged by market theorists. Anchoring is a subconscious bias towards an…

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CMI’s State of the Market Housing Market Continues to Stabilize Following Record-Breaking Run
23 June 2021
CMI’s State of the Market: Housing Market Continues to Stabilize Following Record-Breaking Run

Canada’s red-hot housing market continued to moderate in May, as tighter inventories and higher valuations contributed to a broad decline in home sales. However, sales and price levels remain historically high, reflecting pent-up demand for residential property that has continued to build throughout the pandemic. Home Sales Moderate but Activity Remains High On a monthly…

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