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31 January 2023

Bank of Canada on pause after a final 25 basis point hike

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8 December 2022
Why MICs are an effective portfolio diversification tool
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17 November 2022
Ontario’s New Plan to Increase Home Supply by 1.5 Million: How Will It Impact the Housing Market?
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14 October 2022
Five reasons smart investors are choosing MICs

  As market uncertainty continues and equity and fixed income investments generate less predictable returns, investors are increasingly looking to alternative investments as a means of generating compelling returns in their portfolios. Mortgage investment corporations, or MICs as they are commonly known, are a popular investment option because of the many benefits they offer.  Let’s…

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Real Estate Market Trends
11 August 2022
North American Real Estate Market Trends

North America’s housing market had been running hot since the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic, as shifting labour market trends, demand for single-family properties and ultra-low interest rates fueled a generational surge in home buying. As attention now shifts to affordability, economists are debating the impact of rising interest rates on real estate demand.   2021…

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Rigorous mortgage selection
13 July 2022
Rigorous mortgage selection underpins the successful CMI MIC

Investing in a Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is a great way to gain exposure to Canada’s real estate market. But how do you evaluate whether a MIC is well managed? One way is to understand the private mortgage adjudication and due diligence process, which plays a key role in minimizing investor risk. Elizabeth Wood, Executive…

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17 May 2022
A Closer Look at MIC Investing: CMI’s Mortgage Adjudication and Selection Process

With tighter mortgage lending rules governing traditional banks, many Canadians are turning to private lenders to obtain their mortgages. Private mortgages fill a critical gap in Canada’s lending market, and represent an untapped investment opportunity. Mortgage Investment Corporations, commonly known as MICs, are investment vehicles designed specifically for mortgage lending. Although there are hundreds of…

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