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18 April 2023

Lender’s Title Insurance – An Important Risk Management Tool

At CMI, we require lender’s title insurance on the properties we lend upon. A form of indemnity insurance, title insurance protects lenders and homebuyers from defects in a title to a property. It is paid for by the borrower. A clear title is necessary for any real estate transaction. Title insurance will protect the lender…

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11 April 2023
Changing the Canada Mortgage Bonds Program

The recent federal budget stated “[t]he government intends to undertake market consultations on the proposal to consolidate the Canada Mortgage Bonds within the government’s regular borrowing program, including on an implementation plan that would ensure stable access to mortgage financing. The government will return in the fall economic and fiscal update on this matter.” Background…

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11 April 2023
Why MICs Offer Unparalleled Diversification Benefits

Sophisticated investors are keenly aware of the benefits of diversification. By spreading your investment across different asset classes and industries, you are less likely to experience shocks that impact your entire portfolio the same way. In an environment where traditional portfolio diversification methods no longer offer the same durability, investors are increasingly turning to alternative…

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4 April 2023
Budget 2023: What does it mean for housing finance?
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29 March 2023
Fed hikes interest rates despite banking troubles
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22 March 2023
Reading the market’s mind
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15 March 2023
Investing for Capital Preservation
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