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12 April 2019

What is an exempt market dealer?

These past few years, Canadians have been rethinking their investment decisions and placing more time into research and due diligence. At the same time, they seem too skeptical when it comes to getting an intermediary to assess their finances and investment growth. Canada’s capital markets have consistently outperformed many other world markets and proven more…

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1 April 2019
Edmonton Market

Edmonton Overview Edmonton is known as the “Gateway to the North.” It is the capital of Alberta incorporated as a city in 1904. It is the oil capital of Canada as the city is the staging point for large-scale oil sands projects occurring in northern Alberta and large-scale diamond mining operations in the Northwest Territories….

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5 March 2019
Mortgage fund investing in Canada: A guide for investors

More and more investors are looking into mortgage investment funds. This is particularly true because the housing industry is one of the main drivers of Canada’s economy and has outperformed many other investment classes. Whether you are a new investor or have been shopping around for alternative investments to add to your portfolio, investing in…

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1 February 2019
The MIC Market

Mortgage Market Events MICs have been seeing dramatic growth over the last several years as investors search for return and capital preservation. According to a recent report by the Bank of Canada (Residential Mortgage Market in Canada – A Primer- Financial System Review), alternative sources of capital including MICs make up approximately 2.6% of the…

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7 January 2019
RRSP Investments and the benefits of compounding rates of return (DRIP)

Saving for retirement is a top financial goal for many Canadians. With powerful tax advantages, Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP) are perhaps the most important component of any retirement plan. An RRSP not only enables you to save up for retirement, tax deferred, but also allows you to earn tax-sheltered investment income like interest and…

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17 December 2018
The Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC): A Canadian investor guide

Do you want to invest in the real estate market while achieving consistent and stable yields? A Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) is one passive investment vehicle many savvy investors add to their portfolio for an investment into the Canadian housing market without having to invest large amounts. While the major players in the mortgage lending…

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26 November 2018
An investor’s guide to the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)

The best way to protect your money is to be a well-informed investor. Whether you already have a financial adviser or you invest on your own, it is highly advisable to study and research more about an investment before buying. Protecting your investment is a top priority, and you want to ensure you meet all…

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