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The CMI MIC is an Ontario based corporation funding first and second mortgages in urban centers primarily in Ontario with an expanding portfolio covering the rest of Canada. Our investors have the opportunity to invest in a pool of well analyzed and diversified mortgages with an annual target return of 8-9% net to our investors.

With over $150M of successful mortgage placements in the last few years our private mortgage arm, Canadian Lending Inc., has a strong track record in delivering results year after year. CMI’s roots begin in the mortgage lending industry and, over the many years, we have expanded our services to offer opportunities for private investors to get involved in the mortgage business. Investors can reap the rewards while enjoying the peace of mind knowing their investment is backed by real estate.

We are responsible for all aspects of the underwriting process

The team behind the CMI MIC is responsible for all aspects of the underwriting process. We begin our loan analysis by reviewing and scrutinizing the applicants behind every mortgage through an extensive qualification process. We would typically undertake this via Canadian Lending when applicants seek funding through a traditional bank lender. After carefully reviewing the applicant’s financial capacity, we appraise the property and evaluate the risk exposure in addition to the yield potential.

We are a significant investor in our own MIC portfolio

The operator and manager of the MIC is a significant investor in the MIC. Being heavily invested in the MIC’s portfolio results in the management being highly motivated to achieve strong investment returns through active and prudent management ensuring a strong and sustainable performance of the MIC.

We provide access to all investors seeking to become a mortagage investor

Substantial capital is required to fund even a small portfolio of mortgages and not every investor has access to the amount of capital required to build their own private portfolio on top of all the scrutiny and management involved. We created the CMI MIC for this reason – to provide access to all investors seeking to become a mortgage investor and take advantage of the high rates of return and low risk while enjoying a regular monthly fixed income.

Investment Strategy

The CMI MIC focuses on markets that are underpinned by strong economic growth fundamentals, yet provide little liquidity offered by banks. This creates a gap in the marketplace where CMI can capture a market segment that is not filled by traditional bank lenders.

CMI’s team of lending experts manage a well-diversified mortgage pool with the mandate to provide capital preservation while offering a strong return. Those who invest in the CMI MIC gain access to a pool of well-diversified mortgages in the stable residential real estate markets. Our strategy for the fund consists of lending short-term mortgages and providing intelligent lending solutions to borrowers who do not qualify for traditional bank financing.

To our borrowers, we offer flexibility, creativity, and excellent service. Our mortgages are secured by all types of residential, multi-residential and commercial real estate located in Canada with a primary focus on Ontario, and must all be in strict compliance with our investment policies. The mortgage portfolio primarily consists of a broad mix of low, medium, and high yield first and second mortgages.

When you invest with CMI, you can rely on our extensive experience in the mortgage industry to produce stable and strong returns through our prudent underwriting and diversified industry background. We are proud to bring our experience and success to the CMI MIC fund.

With stability and capital preservation making up the primary pillar of our investment strategy followed by a steady yield, it is time to look at mortgage-based funds as a low-risk investment that provides the return traditional fixed-income products cannot.

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Case Studies

Location: Brampton
Security Position: Second
Loan-to-Value: 68%
Interest: 12.99%
Location: Guelph, Ontario
Security Position: Blanket
Loan-to-Value: 55%
Interest: 9.99%
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Security Position: Second
Loan-to-Value: 68%
Interest: 10.99%
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Security Position: Second
Loan-to-Value: 75%
Interest: 9.99%

“I was looking for a MIC to diversify my mortgage holdings and met Bryan personally before investing. He and his family have a wealth of experience in mortgage investing. One thing that stuck out in my mind was his assessment, care and diligence. I am not only pleased with the returns, but also the level of support and the growing use of technology that supports reporting of the MIC.”

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