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CMI MIC Funds, a suite of mortgage investment corporations, funds mortgages in urban centres across Canada, providing investors with access to a pool of residential mortgages delivering targeted annual yields ranging from 6-11%.

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The CMI MIC Funds provides a way for individuals and corporate investors to access Canadian real estate markets and take advantage of economies of scale not available to them as individuals.
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Broker and referral partners can diversify their client’s portfolio by adding a fixed income product secured by Canadian real estate while achieving strong returns and doing so with an experienced management team.
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We provide mortgages where traditional banks and other conventional mortgage companies cannot. Reach out to us to see how we can work together.
There are multiple ways to invest including: Cash, RRSP/RRIF, and TFSA accounts.

The CMI MIC Funds focus on selecting mortgages that have undergone strict due diligence. The CMI MIC Funds are managed by a team of experienced lending professionals that ensures every mortgage purchased is underwritten to maximize safety and continued performance for our investors. With stability and capital preservation making up the primary pillar of our investment strategy followed by a steady yield, it is time to look at mortgage-based funds as an alternative income producing investment that provides diversification that traditional fixed-income products typically cannot.  



One of the ways we work to protect our clients' bottom line is through continued geographic diversification. Having provided mortgages across Canada for over a decade, The CMI MIC Funds are managed by a team that has extensive market knowledge and access to a diverse network of brokers spanning the country to generate opportunities not necessarily accessible by other funds.

Our established and growing network of mortgage partners has allowed us to build a steady stream of qualified mortgage opportunities. Having a strong deal flow ensure the portfolio not only grows but also provides a wider selection pool.


At CMI, we believe that due diligence is both an art and a science. We spend a considerable amount of time identifying investment opportunities that meet our rigorous standards while striking a balance between maximizing return and hedging risk.

As a mortgage brokerage and lender of second mortgages, we have access to a large pool of quality mortgages that naturally feed into the MIC division of CMI.

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Current Trends

We study the numbers behind market movements and aim to analyze its key indicators before the market moves in a particular direction. Assessing indicators like building permits, housing starts, office vacancy rates and many others help us determine which areas have the greatest potential for your investment.

05th Jul, 2021
Avoid the pitfalls of Investment Biases when considering Alternatives for your Portfolio
Research has shown us that investors are often compelled to act based on certain preconceived biases. These biases, whether conscious or not, skew their decision-making process in a way that could adversely affect their portfolio’s performance.  Anchoring is one such bias that has been flagged by market theorists. Anchoring is a subconscious bias towards anRead More
23rd Jun, 2021
CMI’s State of the Market: Housing Market Continues to Stabilize Following Record-Breaking Run
Canada’s red-hot housing market continued to moderate in May, as tighter inventories and higher valuations contributed to a broad decline in home sales. However, sales and price levels remain historically high, reflecting pent-up demand for residential property that has continued to build throughout the pandemic. Home Sales Moderate but Activity Remains High On a monthlyRead More
14th Jun, 2021
Invest with confidence in CMI Mortgage Investment Corporation (MIC) funds
Portfolio managers have observed an interesting relationship over the past three months: Stocks and bonds have exhibited the strongest positive correlation this century. While far from an iron-clad indicator, the bond yield ratio suggests that investors are legitimately concerned about inflation. The data certainly backs this up. Annual inflation in Canada and the United StatesRead More
01st Jun, 2021
Why MICs Have a Place in Every Investment Portfolio
In an era of record-low interest rates, market volatility and unprecedented fiscal and monetary intervention, investors need to think outside the box when constructing their portfolio. Within the US $10 trillion alternative asset market, private mortgages provide a viable alternative to conventional portfolios composed of stocks and bonds.  Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, are oneRead More
19th May, 2021
CMI State of the Market: Canada’s Housing Market Remains on Solid Footing in April
Canada’s housing market showed signs of moderation in April, though underlying conditions remained highly favourable amid strong demand and constricted supply. Despite a month-to-month decline in sales, actual activity was up 256% year-over-year, according to the Canadian Real Estate Association (CREA). Canada’s Housing Market: By the Numbers CREA’s latest housing report showed a 12.5% month-over-monthRead More
04th May, 2021
Herd Mentality
Investors probably don’t like to admit it, but their investment decisions are often influenced by what other people are doing. This is often true whether you manage your own investment portfolio or hand over responsibilities to a portfolio manager. In behavioral finance, the tendency to follow and copy what other investors are doing is calledRead More
03rd May, 2021
For an Alternative to the Traditional 60/40 Portfolio, Look No Further than MIC Funds
For decades, the traditional 60/40 portfolio strategy has guided investment managers in their quest to provide clients with a sensible balance between risk and returns. The onset of a global recession punctuated by a public health crisis may have permanently changed how portfolio managers approach the market.  It’s not to say that portfolio managers didn’tRead More
20th Apr, 2021
CMI State of the Market: Home Sales Surge as Busy Spring Season Heats Up
March was another record-breaking month for Canada’s housing market, as strong demand and rising inventories led to more closings across the country. The gains were underpinned by a strong labour market and cautious optimism that Canada’s economic recovery was gaining momentum. Signs of recovery in the condo market also suggested that Canadians were in searchRead More
14th Apr, 2021
CMI 1st Quarter Recap
CMI Financial Group is wrapping up a very active first quarter, highlighted by a steady flow of new investors to our MIC Family of Funds and our whole loan program. A rebounding economy, strong housing-market conditions and a growing desire to diversify fixed-income portfolios have made private mortgages a highly attractive investment vehicle. Q1 HighlightsRead More
31st Mar, 2021
A Behind the Scenes Look at Mortgage Investment Corporations
How MICs Source and Adjudicate Loans and What Happens When There Is a Default Mortgage Investment Corporations, or MICs, represent one of the fastest-growing alternative assets in Canada. As more investors turn to MICs, understanding the lending and adjudication processes becomes increasingly important. This understanding can help investors gauge the risk management and due diligenceRead More
"I have been a client with CMI for a number of years and, in actuality, it feels like a partnership. As soon as the opportunity came available to invest in CMI MIC Funds, I didn't hesitate. This investment has been sound and has delivered better than anticipated. Each month I receive an electronic detailed report outlining the investment yield. I know that the CMI professionals are knowledgeable, approachable and available. Investing with CMI has been a very positive experience and I would not hesitate to recommend them to fellow investors". Chris - Investor
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